Marketo Spring Release Features, Hit or Miss?


Marketo announced their Spring 16 Releases and as a user, surely there cannot be anything more exciting (unless it’s time for their Winter Release of course).

We gave the new features some time to be launched and rolled out, but think now is the time to provide you with a little overview:

First Email Insights – the important release for everybody who is interested in analytics

Users will be able to gain insights into email activity and to gain a deeper understanding of their metrics. After its release the user will have access to 25 months of historical data into Email Insights, as well as being able to create up to 10 custom dimensions, providing more flexibility.

 Our Verdict: It’s a Hit! Email Insights can help provide the additional insight that people have been after for a while.


The time saving release: No more draft snippets

Until now you had to re-approve the snipped even when making the smallest of edits, followed by having to find all emails and landing pages, which were using this particular snippet and re-approve those too.

Now all emails and landing pages using a snippet will get updated automatically and will maintain their prior statuses.

Not sure about the idea? Don’t worry, you will be given a choice each time you approve a snippet: to run no draft (and update everything) or create a draft.

Our Verdict: Thank you Marketo for listening to your users’ prayers and therefore thumbs up.


Not HTML-savvy? No designer available? An email is needed right this minute? No need to panic thanks to the all-new Email Template Picker

Marketo Insights.gif

This feature gives you easy access to standard templates, which are fully responsive. In the easy-to-navigate library you will also find templates you have created yourself. Feel free to test a template on your desktop or mobile device before selecting it.

Our Verdict: It’s a Hit! Especially, if you are new to Marketo or need a standard template quickly.


With the new Email Editor you can now drag-and-drop to add and re-order content.  This means you simply pick a module and drop it in your email, where you can change the order to one that suits you. Another bonus is the possibility of uploading images directly into the email, cutting out loads of previously needed steps. Once your email is set up, Marketo now offers an improved preview functionality for both desktop and mobile.

Our Verdict: A slick looking editor that, together with the template picker, will make the email experience more enjoyable – Hit!


Overall verdict: One Hit after the other… Bias? Maybe, but we like new features that make lives as well as marketing communication easier.


Did we miss anything?

Oh yes, there are changes which will make Marketo Administrators especially happy, but might confuse everyone else.


So, if you like to find out more about those releases, or if you like to find out how we can help your business, please feel free to get in touch:

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