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Protocol Consultants leverage the wealth of proprietary Protocol data, research and frameworks, combined with years of on-the-job experience to help clients solve the challenges of building out Demand Centres, Optimising Campaigns and Implementing Marketing Technologies. Our Consulting Services provide a trusted and proven hands-on resource to accelerate key initiatives and programmes.

When you need a little extra heavy lifting

Some of the ways our consultants can help accelerate your plans

Strategic Campaign Design

Designing your modern marketing programme has become increasingly complex with advances in channels, tactics and technologies to consider. Getting seen and being heard is key – building the narrative and creating the perfect customer experience for your ideal customer profile. Protocol can help define and design the perfect omni-channel campaign strategy from awareness through to nurture and sales handoff – identifying key touchpoints, logic and flow, channels, content and messaging every step of the way.

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Marketing Automation Blueprints & Plays

Protocol Analysts have many years experience in building, implementing and optimising Marketo and Eloqua workflows. Internal marketing automation specialists are one of the most difficult roles to recruit, train and retain and our team has the resource and manpower to deliver both simplistic campaigns alongside sophisticated and complex nurture programmes with multiple touchpoints, logic routines, content, lead scoring and routing. From platform selection, setup, integration and management – we’re here to help.

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data sciences & analytics

In our research studies we discovered Data and Measurement were the primary Worry for most modern marketers. The scrutiny and expectation to deliver results, justify every marketing £ spent and show in-depth full funnel analysis can be a full time job in itself. Our Data Analysts have the background, skills and knowledge to work with disparate data source to build data and enrichment strategies, manage governance requirements, build data definitions and build out easy to use Dashboards and Reports – all backed up by Protocol Index – our best-in-class Benchmarking Database.

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Audience & messaging development

Knowing your audience is critical when building out persona-centric marketing strategies and Protocol has a rich heritage in supporting organisations research, map and define the Ideal Customer Profile for targeted account programmes such as ABM and Persona Driven Marketing. Our Analysts have a wealth of experience, proven processes and templates to develop Value Proposition Based Messaging Frameworks and Actionable Personas that help you target prospects more succinctly and efficiently.

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Content Strategy, Audits & Gap Analysis

Many enterprise level B2B companies rarely suffer a lack of marketing content, if anything they have too much – but is it the right content? We believe less is more, and our research shows it’s more important to have a small library of trusted, re-usable and adaptable content based on solid Audience Definition & Research rather than pushing large quantities of poor content at customers. Our Analysts use their experience and A.I. tools such as Soto Curator to help you audit, evaluate, curate and manage your existing content to get most bang for your buck and help you identify critical gaps in the process. Do more with less, invest your content budget wisely.

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Marketing Plans & roadmaps

Building out a Marketing Strategy, Plan or Roadmap seems such a simple concept but can prove time-consuming with so many moving parts, teams, channels and objectives. Or maybe you’re looking to optimise your Demand Centre with a Vision or Roadmap for shared services, processes, resources and skills? Protocol have helped many organisations build out documented plans from simple Marketing Campaign Strategies to multi-year Demand Centre Roadmaps. We understand the need to provide clarity to internal and external stakeholders, give strong direction, detail and leadership for the truly business critical end of B2B marketing.

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It was a pleasure to work with Protocol, a company that likes to become your business partner rather than just a vendor providing a service. The team at Protocol are open, honest and transparent, always working hard to ensure the successful execution of the project, even if that means starting over. I would recommend Protocol as a company that offers a wide range of marketing services.

– Evanna Kearins Taheny, Senior Director Marketing, EMEA

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