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Protocol specialises in helping clients optimise CRM and MA platforms including:

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Go with the (nurture) flow

It all starts with the customer journey, reading the signals and giving the customer the right message at the right time.

Automated, trigger-based workflows track customers interactions and present timely personalised content that generates engagement. Protocol has designed and built hundreds of nurture workflows using our Customer Journey Framework and Marketing Automation Playbooks.

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Getting personal

The first hurdle an email needs to overcome is not being swipe/archived.

You've got 0.9 seconds for your subject line to generate enough interest to warrant further investigation, and that's before they've even seen the email design, content, offer and CTA.

Personalisation is the key, both in timing and content. Switching from 'spray and pray' to a more surgical approach is critical and relies on solid data, tagging, tracking and automation.

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Knowledge is power

Marketing isn't an exact science and often relies on test and refine strategies.

Knowing what works (and doesn't) is a critical success factor and relies on having the knowledge and insights to make well informed decisions.

Marketers don't suffer a lack of data, often quite the opposite. The trick is figuring out how to turn the reams of data into something simple and useful to work with. Protocol has helped world-leading brands develop reporting systems and dashboards that collate complex, disparate data sets into simple, graphical interfaces.

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When is a lead not a lead?

Handing leads to sales can be a tricky business. Are they sales ready? Do they fit the criteria? Do they even want to speak to sales yet?

Gone are the days when marketing had a budget to stick to, now we have revenue targets. Critical to this is knowing what a 'lead' actually is within your organisation, knowing when marketing should keep nurturing and warming them up and when to hand over to sales to close the deal.

Building a lead management strategy that aligns sales and marketing on the same page is critical. Defining your enquiries from your MQL's, TQL's and SQL's.

Protocol has helped global brands define and optimise their lead management strategies both in theory and in practice.

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Privacy matters

Building your contact database is a crucial step in owning your channel and conversation. Managing contact data is rife with challenges over consent, GDPR, double opt-ins, data use and privacy. Protocol has helped brands develop techniques, tools and strategies to effectively manage contact data and keep on the right side of the law.

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Divide and conquer

Segmentation goes hand in hand with targeting, which in turn relies on critical data points.

Your ability to identify customers through specific traits - and map that to fields in your database helps both with inbound and outbound campaigns.

Protocol has developed targeting and segmentation strategies for major brands that helps deliver the types of personalisation that drives real results.

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Great data = great campaigns

Building your contact database relies on solid data capture - which in turn drives segmentation and personalisation.

A form gating strategy will help your organisation identify the key fields, picklists and criteria for different types of content.

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Capture and convert

Landing pages are the storefront for your campaigns, they need to be simple and engaging, offering content and offers with utility, originality and wow factor.

We believe there is a science to producing and presenting content that convinces your prospects to trade their precious data for your offer. Ask our experts how.

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A 360 degree customer view

Personalisation needs data. Forms are great for capturing explicit data such as Job Roles, Functions, Countries and Industries.

Tagging and tracking strategies are useful for capturing implicit data such as Customer Journey Stage, purchase intent, sales readiness and product interest.

Together with a solid form management strategy, tagging and tracking can help create a 360 degree view of your customer - and drive targeted messaging.

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Get connected

Modern marketing is tech driven - the average brand having over ten technology platforms in their stack. Connecting your apps is critical in having an integrated data strategy.

Integrating and optimising your apps can be technically challenging, our tech devs can help do the tricky stuff from Google API's, tracking codes, webinar platforms, CRM and CMS.

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Protocol has help world-leading brands implement and optimise global campaigns both strategically and technically. Ask our experts anything, we're here to help.

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