Messaging made clever.

Protocol is a marketing consultancy specialising in enhancing organisational communications through automation, clever strategic messaging, and personalisation.

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We help organisations transform their audience messaging.

Blending creativity, science and technology, our consultants design and build hyper-personalised, event triggered communications, workflows and automations.

  • Deliver hyper-personalised messaging.
  • Reduce workloads on stretched teams.
  • Improve engagement and results.

Our Automation Eco-System

We specialise in technology and marketing automation platforms, optimising and building out workflows, programmes and campaigns across B2B and the public sector.

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We help organisations that are striving to improve how they communicate digitally and in print.

Fragmented Channels
Managing communication across multiple channels leads to inconsistencies and hampers seamless customer experiences.

Meeting Digital Age Expectations
Customers demand timely, personalised communication, necessitating digital transformation and data-driven strategies.

Poor Communication Performance
Ineffective communication results in missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction, highlighting the need for improvement.

Limited Technical Agility
Outdated systems hinder quick responses to opportunities, impacting organisations’ ability to capitalise on timely communication.

Diversity and Accessibility Challenges
Serving diverse populations presents hurdles in delivering inclusive, accessible communications.

Data Security Concerns
Ensuring data security and privacy compliance is essential but can impede digital communication adoption.

Resource Constraints
Limited budgets and expertise restrict investment in digital initiatives and system upgrades.

Legacy System Dependency
Outdated technology hinders innovation and agility in delivering personalised, multi-channel communications.

Lack of Customer Understanding
Siloed data prevents organisations from gaining comprehensive insights for effective personalisation.

Challenges with Predictive Messaging
Limited access to advanced data tools impedes harnessing predictive and automated messaging solutions.

Centralisation Difficulty
Disparate systems hinder centralising communication efforts, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance
Meeting various regulatory requirements adds complexity to communication initiatives.

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