Ready to harness the power of data?

Optimising your account and contact data for maximum personalisation, segmentation and best-practice privacy

What keeps marketers awake at night? According to research, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring data privacy while still leveraging customer data for personalisation and segmentation. In fact, 53% of marketers say that data privacy and compliance is a significant challenge in their efforts to personalise content and messaging (Source: Ascend2).

Additionally, companies often struggle with the quality and accuracy of their data, with 62% of organisations reporting that they have low confidence in the accuracy of their data (Source: Experian). These challenges can hinder the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and impact customer trust.

A data strategy can help businesses overcome these obstacles by providing expertise in data privacy, quality, and segmentation to drive better results and customer engagement.

Our services:

  • Data health assessments and data cleansing
  • Data field completeness and enrichment
  • Segmentability and contactability analysis
  • Opt-in and compliance management
  • Privacy policy and GDPR compliance
  • Preference centre design and implementation