Flick, swipe, archive.

You've got 5 seconds to grab their attention.

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Change the subject

The first hurdle an email needs to overcome is not being swipe/archived. You've got 0.9 seconds for your subject line to generate enough interest to warrant further investigation, and that's before they've even seen the email design, content, offer and CTA.

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iPhone Subject Line

Mobile first

Do you take a mobile first approach? Most of us have our mobiles permanently glued to our hands, they're our primary source of information. Designing for mobile is crucial, understanding breakpoints, responsive elements and media types is a crucial part of your email marketing strategy.

Mobile First Strategy

1000 IQ Plays

Email strategy is at the heart of your omni-channel marketing plan and Protocol are experts inĀ  boosting customer engagement through beautifully crafted, hyper-personalised and triggered email nurture campaigns.
Email Strategy

Multi-touch nurture

Do you have a considered multi-touch email strategy? Your customers have high expectations, they expect you to know them, predict their needs, communicate on their terms. Moving from a batch and blast mentality to a multi-touch email nurture is best practice. Ask us how we develop carefully crafted multi-touch, multi-channel messaging strategies for major brands.
Email Nurture

The art and science

Protocol has spent years developing and refining email design strategy, learning what works and what doesn't. We've learned the essential do's and don't's that can help get your emails opened - and drive even more engagement. Ask us how.
Email Design

Drip, drip, drip

Sometimes just being seen counts. Planning your drip-based trigger campaigns is a critical step in staying fron of mind with your customers. Let our re-usable marketing automation playbooks build out your always-on marketing campaigns.
Drip Nurture

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