Form and data capture

Formidable forms for smarter lead capture

Master your inbound data capture with standardised form fields for improved personalisation, pre-population and progressive profiling.

What if you could capture leads more efficiently and with greater accuracy? Form and data capture is a critical component of any marketing automation strategy, but it’s not always easy to get it right.

Many businesses struggle with designing and implementing effective forms that capture the right information and are user-friendly for potential customers. According to research from Formstack, 81% of businesses believe that poorly designed forms are a significant problem for lead generation.

Additionally, with the growing prevalence of mobile devices, it’s important to ensure that forms are mobile responsive and easy to use on smaller screens. By working with a marketing agency to master your form and data capture, you can ensure that your forms are designed using best practices and that data is captured accurately and efficiently.

This can lead to improved lead quality and more effective targeting of your marketing efforts.

Our services:

  • Form best practice and field structure design
  • Picklist design for better data capture
  • Lead handoff and nurture follow-up processes
  • Progressive profiling to improve lead quality
  • Form pre-population for better user experience and data accuracy
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