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Essential SEO strategies to help improve your brands visibility

SEO can seem like a dark art, use these essential strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some SEO strategies for 2023 that you can consider:

Why B2B marketers should always use the customer journey model

Marketing is a journey, not a tactic. The customer journey is an important concept for marketers to understand when planning their B2B marketing content. The customer journey represents the steps or stages that a customer takes when they are considering a purchase or engaging with a company. It is a valuable tool for understanding how […]

Lead scoring techniques: Assigning values to leads based on their behaviour, demographics, and fit to help sales teams prioritise follow-up.

When is a lead not a lead?  Lead scoring is a powerful tool used by marketers to effectively prioritise leads based on their behaviour, demographics, and fit. This technique involves assigning values to leads to determine which ones are worth pursuing, and which can be placed in the nurturing stage. Effective lead scoring involves a […]

Drip marketing strategies: Designing automated workflows that nurture prospects over time with relevant content and offers.

Nurture versus nature.  Drip marketing strategies are designed to help businesses nurture prospects and existing customers with relevant content and offers over time. By using automated workflows, businesses can design campaigns that deliver targeted messaging based on specific customer actions, behaviours, and interests. In this guide, we will discuss the top strategies for creating effective […]

How clickbots are burning your advertising budgets

Don't fall foul to devious advertising tactics. Clickbots have become a major issue in the world of digital marketing. Clickbots are computer programs designed to mimic real users and click on ads, web pages or links, thereby generating fake traffic. This fake traffic can result in skewed performance metrics, wasted advertising budgets, and ultimately, revenue […]

Tips for creating effective email marketing campaigns: Optimising subject lines, timing, segmentation, and personalisation.

Master your most essential outbound channel.  Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to connect with a target audience. However, standing out from the hundreds of emails that inundate the inboxes of potential customers daily can be challenging. Every brand wants to create an email that resonates with recipients, elicits a […]

Best practices for lead generation: How to use marketing automation tools to attract and convert leads into customers.

Grappling your growth strategy? Let's discuss. Marketing is an essential part of any business, and one of the most important aspects of marketing is generating leads. Leads are potential customers who have shown some interest in your product or service, and they are the lifeblood of any business. However, generating leads can be a time-consuming […] 
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