Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of Marketo’s new features in 2019.


Tips and Tricks to getting the most out of Marketo’s new features in 2019.

by Tom Oakley, Marketing Automation Consultant - January 2019

It’s that time of year again! The celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s are already fading into distant memory, replaced by those desperate attempts to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions. Back at the office, the focus has shifted straight onto implementing that carefully-crafted 2019 marketing strategy.

But forget any doom and gloom… good news can be found in the form of Marketo’s winter release ‘19, which you may have missed during the festivities of December. To help ease you into the new year and make the day-job that little bit easier, here are some tips for the Marketo Power User.

As is traditional with Marketo product launches, updates have been made to the core platform, affecting all customers, as well as more exclusive updates to the premium features, like Account-Based Marketing & Sales Engage, which your instance may not have access to.

Core Programme Updates

The headline update is almost certainly the new functionality to ‘CC’ people on emails. No more awkward requests from the sales team demanding to be copied on any email sent to ‘their’ leads which, up-to-now, most-likely ended up with you adding an extra process step of including a manual seed list (static Marketo list) to each email blast - which itself became quickly outdated and a repetitive task to maintain as territories and sales personnel constantly change.

The advantage here also is the ‘CC’ recipients can either be sales-controlled, by utilising the ‘Lead Owner’ or ‘Account Owner’ standard Salesforce fields, or automated (marketing-controlled), by creating your own custom ‘email’ field that runs within Marketo, such as tagging an email addresses to particular countries or regions. You can add up to five CC addresses per person, per campaign, and it’s as easy to turn on and off as marking an email as ‘Operational’ (under ‘Email Settings’).

Another feature worth pointing out for any real techies out there, is a development to the munchkin code to allow for web visitors to explicitly call when they want to record a webpage visit, instead of relying on Marketo’s automatic tracking. In simple terms, essentially it’s better for GDPR compliance when it comes to cookie laws.

Marketo Sky

If you aren’t a regular reader of the Marketo release notes, it’s quite possible that Marketo Sky has passed you by up-to-now. It’s a new user interface that’s still in Beta phase, having began rollout last spring. It’s intended to be a more efficient way to plan and manage your Marketo campaigns and, for the first time, Marketo Sky can now be made your default view and is more apparent, with quick links available from the menu bar within the default interface.

Transferring over to Sky should be done-so with caution, as Event programs are not yet available and the only webinar platform currently supported is GoToWebinar. Even so, I’d recommend checking out the new user dashboard giving a neat new snapshot of scheduled campaigns and ease of navigation through your programs and assets. It’s a little more of a Beta than I’d feel comfortable activating beyond power users for now, but we’re getting closer and closer to full-launch.

Premium Subscription Updates

When it comes to Marketo’s premium subscriptions, it’s rare that we get a “wow” moment in a bi-annual product release - and on this occasion, I don’t see any standout new features that should drastically change how the platform is currently utilised, or convince any budget controllers to part with the extra cash if they weren’t previously sold on them.

For Account-Based Marketing, there’s a new ‘personsa feature’ that encourages you to profile different job titles into levels to then receive different versions of an email - which, although a critical part of lead nurturing, has been possible ever-since Segmentations were added to the core Marketo program, many-a-year ago.

For Marketo Sales Engage, the platform that brings together sales and marketing efforts by giving reps a tool to view and log their one-to-one engagements with leads and easily coordinate their marketing campaign activity, the main development is Sales Engage becoming available for Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows and Outlook Web Application for Office 365 email clients.


I’ll leave you with a forward thought. I recently read a Marketo blog that stated the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019 to better predict lead and customer behaviour, in order to better serve personalised content at the right time. Since AI is the glaring absence from this winter release, I anticipate we’ll be talking predictive scoring models when it comes to the summer launch...

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